Jen-Col Construction Ltd. Selected as Contractor for Phase 2 of Glenmary School Modernization

Assistant Superintendent Nigel McCarthy shakes hands with Jen-Col Construction Project Manager. (Background L-R) Jen-Col Site Superintendent Falko Bittner, Glenmary Head Custodian Alban MacAdam, Glenmary Principal Dominique Jean, Glenmary Vice Principals Lauri Goudreault & Stéphane Gaudreau


Holy Family Catholic Regional Division (HFCRD) is pleased to announce that Jen-Col Construction Ltd. has been selected as the contractor for the $7 million Phase 2 of the Glenmary School modernization.  Representatives from HFCRD, Glenmary School and Jen-Col Construction met for the first time on Tuesday November 29th to discuss the construction timeline of the project and its fit into the academic programs at Glenmary School.  Jen-Col staff has already begun inspecting the electrical and mechanical elements of the school and expects to begin construction on December 10th.   

“We are very excited to work with Jen-Col Construction throughout the Glenmary School Modernization,” said Betty Turpin, HFCRD Superintendent.  “We are very pleased that Jen-Col has expressed a commitment to support our educational programs by being as least disruptive as possible in the school, and by hiring local contractors whenever feasible.  We look forward to a long term positive relationship with Jen-Col throughout the modernization.”

Jen-Col Construction has extensive experience in construction across the province with both modernizations and new builds.  Jen-Col has experience with many types of buildings – educational, recreational, commercial, municipal, and many others.  The company has been responsible for the construction of many schools.  More specifically, Jen-Col constructed the Mother Teresa Catholic School, Maude Clifford Public School and Community Centre located in Grande Prairie in 2009.  Many of the same management who oversaw the construction in Grande Prairie will be overseeing the Glenmary modernization as well.

The first priority for construction is the transformation of the former staff room into three modern science labs.  Starting December 10th, all construction areas will be secured from students and staff as safety will be a priority throughout. 

Phase 2 of the Glenmary School Modernization will include upgrading the art facilities, culinary arts lab and music room.  A new Career Technology Studies lab will be constructed that will provide trades training standard.  The front entrance of the school will have significant modernizations including raising the roof and the relocation of the school office.  Significant upgrades will be done to classrooms, foundations, heating systems and to increase energy efficiency throughout the building.  The modernization will update the aging building and create more space in response to the school’s enrollment increases in recent years.

After the modernization is complete, Glenmary School will be a well-rounded school with a robust course offering including strong academics, arts programs, athletics, and college-level trades courses.  HFCRD is excited to watch the modernization take shape!

Holy Family Art Contest!

Holy Family Catholic Regional Division (HFCRD) is pleased to announce the Holy Family Art Contest!  Students and staff from across HFCRD are invited to use their artistic talents to create artwork that reflects one of the three art categories below.  The contest is open to all HFCRD students from grades K-12 and staff. 

Hands, Feet and Voice of Christ
Kids of the North
Celebrating Cultural Diversity

A winner will be selected in each category for each division (grades K-3, 4-6, 7-9 and 10-12) and for staff.  All 15 winners will be awarded a Chromebook, and their winning entry will be hung at HFCRD Central Office in Peace River.  Entries are not restricted to only paper entries, however they must be able to be hung on a wall.  All entries must include the name, school and grade of the artist, and their chosen category.  Students and staff can submit more than one piece of art, but they can only submit one piece per category.

The deadline to submit artwork to any HFCRD school office is March 1st, 2017.  Good luck to all participants!

Minister of Education David Eggen Visits St. Stephen’s School & Meets with HFCRD Board of Trustees

Holy Family Catholic Regional Division (HFCRD) was pleased to welcome the Minister of Education David Eggen to St. Stephen’s School on Wednesday November 30th.  The visit comes after HFCRD was named one of 14 school divisions across the province to participate in the Nutrition Pilot Project announced on November 14th.  Minister Eggen met with the HFCRD Board of Trustees, toured the school and the food preparation facilities, and saw first-hand the many benefits of the Nutrition Pilot Project.  The Minister went out of his way to visit many classrooms, and to speak with as many St. Stephen’s staff and students as possible.

“Thank you to Minister Eggen for meeting with our Board and visiting St. Stephen’s School.  Our division is very grateful to have been selected for the Nutrition Pilot Project at St. Stephen’s School and Holy Family School,” said Board Chair Kelly Whalen.  “Our Board is blessed to work cohesively with the Minister of Education, and we look forward to continuing our positive relationship.”

Minister Eggen spent approximately an hour with the HFCRD Board of Trustees discussing topics such as the Education Act, the Climate Leadership Plan, the Curriculum Review and the government’s brand Future Ready.  HFCRD Trustees also had the opportunity to discuss the many ongoing projects within the division, any current issues and concerns with the Minister.  HFCRD Trustees appreciated the opportunity to meet directly with Minister Eggen.  The conversation was very relaxed and Minister Eggen was very interested in learning more about HFCRD.

Before Minister Eggen’s departure, Grade 4 students presented him with thank you gifts on behalf of the school.  They asked students their thoughts about the new lunch program, and included their responses in a personalized “Book of Gratitude” for the Minister.  Additionally, they gave the Minister a wooden pen that was created by a grade nine student in the school’s woodworking class.


Some quotes from students include:

“It saves money for the things that we need to pay for like the bills.”   - Grade 5

“Thank you so I don’t have to make my lunch any more.”   - Grade 3

“The lunch is very good.” - Grade 2

“Thank you for all this food you provided for us because my kookum doesn’t have that much money to buy food. Thank you for the chocolate milk.”   - Grade 5

“It saves money so my kookum doesn’t have to buy groceries and can save money for important things like bills.”   - Grade 5


HFCRD thanks Minister Eggen for a wonderful visit and we look forward to working with him further in the future.  HFCRD staff and students feel blessed to be part of the Nutrition Pilot Program.


Board of Trustees Approves Policy 19: Acknowledging Territories of Indigenous Communities within Division Events

At the November 15th Regular Board Meeting, the Holy Family Catholic Regional Division (HFCRD) Board of Trustees passed motions to approve the second and third readings of Policy 19: Acknowledging Territories of Indigenous Communities within Division Events, which was given first reading at the October 18th Regular Board Meeting.  This policy states that the traditional lands of First Nations and Métis people will be acknowledged at the beginning of every public event or public meeting hosted by the division, and was created in response to Call to Action 69 that was included in the report created by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada.  HFCRD strongly supports the outcomes of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, and is committed to doing its part by including the next generations in the reconciliation process. 

“The HFCRD Board of Trustees is pleased to approve Policy 19.  We firmly believe this policy is a big step forward for our division and shows our strong support of reconciliation,” said Board Chair Kelly Whalen.  “We encourage all public bodies across Canada to implement similar policies that align with the recommendations that resulted from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada.”

Policy 19 states that at every public event hosted by HFCRD, the generally accepted acknowledgement will be as follows: “Holy Family Catholic Regional Division Board would like to acknowledge we are meeting today in _______ located within the ancestral and traditional territory of the Indigenous peoples of this area. This land has been and will continue to be home to the Cree, Dene and other First Nations and of the Métis within the boundaries of Treaty 8. We also wish to acknowledge the traditional knowledge holders and Elders who are still with us today and those who have gone before us.”  Public events will include Board Meetings, School Council Meetings, public school events, and many others.  The accompanying Administrative Procedure is currently in the draft stages and will be implemented across the division in the coming months.

HFCRD thanks stakeholders for their valuable feedback after the first reading of Policy 19.  Trustees were pleased that all feedback received was positive in nature.  Some feedback included:

“I think that this is an excellent way to honour the First Nations and Métis people within our school community. I think it demonstrated the respect we have for the children we teach as well as their parent(s), guardian(s) and grandparent(s).”

“I love the new policy and look forward to sharing it.”


Policy 19 can be found here. 

Expired Computers For Sale

The Holy Family Catholic Regional Division is conducting its annual expired computer sale.  All computers will be sold “as is” and will come with the original operating system.

Sale of these computers will be in the form of a draw as follows:

·   Email will be accepted for a two week period starting Nov 28, 2016 and ending Dec 9, 2016.
·   Names will be drawn at 9:30 a.m. Dec 12, 2016 at random and only names drawn will be notified.
·   Selected Individuals will be limited to a maximum of four computers.
·   Selected individuals will have two weeks from date of notification to make arrangements to pay and pick up computers. Failure to do so will result in systems being offered to the next successful applicant.
·  Selected individuals will not be allowed to choose specific models or units (except for French Keyboards).

***Requests will only be accepted by email to***

Please include Computer Sale in the subject.  Please specify the format of the systems you wish to purchase (e.g. 2 laptops and 2 Desktops or any combination). Please include a contact name and phone number with your email.

Systems on offer include:

·   413* Laptops – Lenovo T510/520, minimum Core i5, 4GB, various drive sizes, Windows 7 - $100
·    *22 with French Keyboards
·   50 Desktops – Dell OptiPlex 760 Windows Vista (Includes monitor, mouse, keyboard, cables) - $25

HFCRD Selected for $250,000 Nutrition Pilot Project

Holy Family Catholic Regional Division (HFCRD) is pleased to announce it is one of 14 Alberta school boards selected to participate in a Nutrition Pilot Project.  Premier Rachel Notley announced the province-wide program  this morning in a media release.  The Project includes a $250,000 grant from Alberta Education that will assist in developing a pilot nutrition program for two HFCRD elementary schools.  The funds will be used to enhance HFCRD’s existing nutrition policy and to support and expand the nutrition supplies at Holy Family School in Grimshaw and St. Stephen’s School in Valleyview.  Although no formal plans have been decided, the funds will primarily be used to purchase of nutritional meals for students, with the suggested funding of $5 per student per day.  Each meal will include the four food groups, as required. 

“We are thrilled to be selected for this exciting pilot project,” said Superintendent Betty Turpin.  “Quality nutrition enhances students’ abilities to learn.  Healthy students with full stomachs are better able to pay attention in class and to retain information.  HFCRD is committed to providing the best nutrition possible to students.”

According to the media release, the program is part of the Government of Alberta’s “Future Ready” initiative that co-ordinates training from kindergarten to work so all Albertans have the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in a changing economy.  HFCRD has already created a plan to use the funds that has been approved by Alberta Education.  The plan adheres to the Alberta Nutrition Guidelines for Children and Youth.


At St. Stephen’s School in Valleyview, $150,000 is going towards an in-house free lunch program for all 193 students grades K-6 at the school, and to purchase appliances like a new stove, freezer and toaster.  Additionally, the school has hired a part-time coordinator to facilitate and provide meals.  The school currently operates a successful breakfast program and a free lunch program will greatly benefit the students of St. Stephen’s School.

“Students and staff at St. Stephen’s School are so grateful to have been chosen for this remarkable program,” said St. Stephen’s School Principal Jodie Chisholm.  “Teachers simply cannot compete with hunger in a classroom, so we will ensure that these funds go directly toward keeping students healthy and better able to focus in class.”


At Holy Family School in Grimshaw, $100,000 is going towards a grab’n’go breakfast program where a local contractor is supplying breakfast daily for the 140 students in grades K-6 at the school.  So far, breakfasts have included egg scramblers, waffles, breakfast sandwiches, and oatmeal. These amazing breakfasts ensure that all elementary students have a healthy start to their day.

“Holy Family School is blessed to be part of this province-wide initiative,” said Holy Family School Principal Victoria Cornick.  “The Government of Alberta has prioritized student nutrition and our students are going to benefit greatly.”


HFCRD thanks Alberta Education for this tremendous opportunity to participate in this provincial pilot project that will benefit countless students in Alberta!  

Glenmary School Student Trinity Thompson Now Fully Ticketed Welder at Age 16


The Holy Family Catholic Regional Division (HFCRD) warmly congratulates Glenmary School student Trinity Thompson who passed all four of her Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) structural welding tests.  Trinity, a grade 11 student, is now certified to weld structural steel projects like stairs, railing and bridges.  Trinity was able to get on the path toward this incredible milestone while still in high school through the RAP Program at Glenmary School.

“We are so proud of Trinity’s amazing accomplishment.  As a participant of the RAP Program, Trinity has worked hard to master the welding trade,” said RAP Coordinator Scott Randall.  “This type of certification usually takes years to earn and Trinity achieving this level so early in her career is a testament to her natural welding talent and her dedication to the trade.”

The Glenmary School RAP program allows students to simultaneously earn both high school credits and work experience hours that will go toward their trade certification.  The decade-long program has allowed hundreds of students throughout the years to graduate from high school with a head start in their careers.

“Big thanks to our CWB auditor and tester for his excellent work as always, and to Trinity’s RAP Program supervisor Scott Randall,” said Trinity’s father Doug Thompson, who is also a welder.  “Congratulations Trin!  Amazing work!”

Grimshaw Super A Runs Fall Campaign that Results in $1923 Donation to Holy Family School Breakfast Program

The Holy Family Catholic Regional Division (HFCRD) would like to thank Super A in Grimshaw for running a fall fundraising campaign in their store which resulted in cash and food donations valued at $1923 for the Holy Family School Breakfast Program.  This fall, the store invited customers to purchase food baskets valued at $800, and to round up purchases to the nearest dollar to donate to the program.  In addition to the in-store promotions, Super A also donated $1000 in Super A gift cards.  The donated food and funds will be used directly for the Breakfast Program.

“We are overwhelmed by this generous gesture from Super A and from the community of Grimshaw,” said Holy Family School Principal Victoria Cornick.  “Our Breakfast Program is integral to student success so these funds will go directly to supporting students.  We are blessed to be part of such a supportive community!”

The Holy Family School Breakfast Program, which is run by the School Council, has been an integral part of the school for several years.  Providing students a healthy breakfast is critical for their long term success.  The support provided from Super A’s fundraiser will provide food for the Breakfast Program for a minimum of three months.

Board of Trustees Gives First Reading of Policy 19: Acknowledging Territories of Indigenous Communities within Division Events

The Holy Family Catholic Regional Division (HFCRD) Board of Trustees is seeking feedback from stakeholders regarding Policy 19: Acknowledging Territories of Indigenous Communities within Division Events, which was given first reading at the October 18th Regular Board Meeting.  This policy states that the traditional lands of First Nations and Metis people will be acknowledged at the beginning of every public event or public meeting hosted by the division, and was created in response to Call to Action 69 that was included in the report created by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada.  HFCRD strongly supports the outcomes of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, and is committed to doing its part by including the next generations in the reconciliation process. 

“The Board of Trustees is proud to introduce this policy to the division as one small part of the Truth and Reconciliation process.  True reconciliation will never be attained unless younger generations are included in the solution,” said Board Vice Chair Dianne Arcand-Lavoie.  “We want our First Nations, Metis and Inuit stakeholders to know that their history is incredibly important to the division and should be recognized.  As a Metis woman, I personally feel this policy will bring Truth and Reconciliation to the forefront across the division.”

HFCRD asks stakeholders to review the policy and provide their feedback by emailing Superintendent Betty Turpin at  The deadline to submit feedback is Thursday November 10th as the second and third reading of Policy 19 will be at the November 15th Regular Board Meeting.

The policy can be found here. 

Thank You Teachers from the Board of Trustees on World Teachers Day


Today is World Teacher Day and the Holy Family Catholic Regional Division (HFCRD) Board of Trustees would like to take this opportunity to thank teachers for their outstanding work.  Every day teachers have the great responsibility of educating the future leaders of the world.  It takes a village to raise a child and teachers play an important role in that village.  Our students start school as young children and leave school as mature young adults that have been given the foundation to live their dreams, with large thanks to the contributions of teachers. 

Our board members are in awe of the incredible work happening in HFCRD classrooms every day.  Our hope for teachers is that they know what an integral role they play in the world.  Teachers do more than just educate; they expose children to the world around them, teach them important life lessons and encourage them to be the best versions of themselves.  

We invite our school communities to join us in giving our teachers a resounding round of applause!  We are truly blessed.