Congratulations Glenmary Saints Basketball Teams, Ranked 4th and 12th in the Province

Congratulations to the Glenmary Saints Sr High girls and boys basketball teams who placed 4th and 12th at provincials this weekend.  Only 12 teams in the province compete at provincials, so earning spots in the provincial tournament is an achievement in itself.  The players displayed strong athleticism and sportsmanship, and were led by a strong team of volunteer coaches.  Thank you to coaches Brad Harrop, Janice Purcha and Marissa Geldart who coached the girls team, and Jordan Loughlin, and Justin Hicks who coached the boys team.  Having both Glenmary teams compete at provincials is a reflection of the strong athletics program at the school, led by teachers Brad Harrop and Darren Flynn.

The Sr High Lady Saints team competed in the 2A Girls Provincial Basketball Tournament in Three Hills.  The Saints went into the tournament ranked 4th and made it to the bronze medal game, a first for a Glenmary team in the last 30 years.  The Saints had a heartbreaking loss falling 58-56 to the Pigeon Lake Panthers, who were ranked 2nd in the province representing the Central Zone.  The Panthers hit a layup to give them a two point lead with four seconds left in the game.  The Saints tried a half-court shot at the buzzer that fell short.  The lady Saints team ends their season ranked 4th in the province, the highest finish by any Glenmary team in decades.

The Sr High Boys competed in the 2A Boys Provincial Basketball Tournament in Edson.  The team had three close games, but fell short in all three.  Regardless of the outcome this weekend, the boys team had a strong season, played well, and displayed mature sportsmanship beyond their years.  The boys team ends their season ranked 12th in the province which is an outstanding accomplishment!

It was an amazing weekend of basketball, and the Saints represented Glenmary School and Peace River very well both on and off the court.  Congratulations to the players and coaches for another successful season!

HFCRD Students Have Strong Showing at Peace Country Regional Science Fair; Two Glenmary Students Earn Spots at 2017 Canada-Wide Science Fair

Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 Peace Country Regional Science Fair (PCRSF).  HFCRD students from Glenmary School and St. Stephen’s School had a strong showing overall at the PCRSF and all used their unique gifts and talents to create high quality science fair projects.  Although not all projects won prizes, all students worked hard and produced outstanding results.

Congratulations to Glenmary students Kaitlyn Coen and Salamat Ibrahim who earned spots at the 2017 Canada-Wide Science Fair . Both students also won excellence awards and gold medals in their respective categories.  Kaitlyn Coen, a grade 9 student, received the following recognition: a gold medal in the intermediate (Gr. 9/10) Biotechnology, Engineering and Mathematics category,  the Award of Excellence in Biotechnology, Engineering and Mathematics Award, as well as the top prize at the Bears Cave.  Kaitlyn will also be presenting her C-Heater invention at the Innovation Tech Fair in Edmonton on May 4th

Salamat Ibrahim, a grade 7 student, received the following recognition: gold in the Junior (Gr. 7/8) Physical and Chemical Sciences category and the Award of Excellence in Physical and Chemical Sciences.

Good luck to Kaitlyn and Salamat at the 2017 Canada-Wide Science Fair in Regina, SK from May 14 – 20, 2017.


Congratulations to the following Glenmary School students who also placed at the PCRSF:

Grades 7/8 Biotechnology, Engineering and Mathematics
Broenyn Armstrong – Silver
Joel Lefebvre and Joshua Hewko – Bronze

Grades 7/8 Physics and Chemistry
Salamat Ibrahim – Gold

Grades 9/10 Biotechnology, Engineering and Mathematics
Kaitlyn Coen – Gold

Grades 9/10 Physics and Chemistry
Kaitlyn Piper & Morgan Hayward – Silver

The complete list of all PCRSF winners can be found here.


HFCRD warmly thanks the platinum sponsors for their continued support of the PCRSF.  Without their support, the region’s bright young scientists would not get this fantastic opportunity to showcase their skills.  Thank you Baytex Energy, DMI and Shell Canada!


Please Join Us for an Informational Presentation with NET Ministries

Holy Family Catholic Regional Division (HFCRD) invites all school and parish communities to join us for an Informational Presentation with National Evangelization Team Canada (NET) on Wednesday March 15th at 6:00pm.  The presentation will be held at the Catholic Conference Centre (10307 – 99 St) in Peace River, and will be broadcasted live on the HFCRD Facebook page ( for any out-of-town community members interested.  The presentation will include all information about what NET and the iNFUSE Team can do for HFCRD students.  NET is a youth ministry team whose mission is to challenge young Catholics to love Christ and embrace the life of the church.  A NET iNFUSE team may be coming to HFCRD for the 2018/19 and 2019/20 school years to lead retreats and implement strategies for students in grades six to twelve that build a foundation of youth ministry.  Their goal is to build relationships with kids, and help kids strengthen their relationship with Jesus.  The team could also be heavily involved in local parishes.

“We are very excited to welcome NET to our school division,” said HFCRD Superintendent Betty Turpin.  “We hope to have the NET iNFUSE team in our schools and parishes to build a foundation of youth ministry that will be sustainable for years to come.  Community members and parishioners who feel passionate about the long term sustainability of youth ministry are highly encouraged to attend.”

The NET iNFUSE team’s ministry to HFCRD youth will be more successful with community involvement to support them.  Community members can support the iNFUSE team by providing host homes and volunteering to assist when needed.

Attendees of the presentation (both in person or by Facebook Live) will be invited to enter a draw for two refurbished laptops.  The presentation will remain on the HFCRD Facebook page ( so any interested community members can watch the video at any time.  Questions submitted through Facebook Live will be answered during the presentation.

Information about parish NET iNFUSE teams can be found here.  The iNFUSE team will primarily be working in HFCRD schools.

St. Stephen’s School Recognizes PRIDE Values at 4th Annual Awesome Kid Awards

On Thursday February 2nd, the St. Stephen’s School community joined together for the fourth year to recognize awesome kids.  The Awesome Kid Awards is one of many ways St. Stephen’s School encourages positive behaviour for students.  Several years ago, St. Stephen’s introduced the PRIDE values (Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Determination and Empathy) which have become a staple in the school for promoting positive behaviour.  Students and staff recite the PRIDE values weekly, and posters are hung throughout the school as a daily reminder.  For many years, St. Stephen’s School has encouraged and recognized students who demonstrate PRIDE values in many ways, and the Awesome Kid Awards is one of the ways positive behaviour is recognized.

“These awards are part of our overarching goal of teaching, modeling and developing positive behaviour for students,” said St. Stephen’s School Principal Jodie Chisholm.  “In alignment with our goal of fostering a community of care in our school, we believe rewarding positive behaviour is always more effective than discouraging negative behavior.  Our way of promoting positive behaviour has been very successful, and we are so proud of the Catholic citizenship being displayed in our school every day.”


Every year, each staff member recognizes one student who demonstrates St. Stephen’s PRIDE values with an Awesome Kid Award.  One by one, staff members go in front of the full crowd to read a heartfelt description of why they chose that student to receive the award.  Many tears were shed as staff members described these amazing kids.  Each award winner received a St. Stephen’s water bottle, and a $10.00 gift certificate to A & W courtesy of Pembina.

“Thank you to the staff of St. Stephen’s School for creating this fantastic event that recognizes amazing kids,” said Superintendent Betty Turpin.  “I have had the pleasure of attending this event all four years in a row, and I continue to be amazed by the heartfelt outpour of love and respect from all staff to students.  This event is a reflection of the positive atmosphere in the school."

HFCRD Students Win at 2017 Robotics Tournament


Congratulations to the Rosary RUSH and St. Stephen’s RoBros Teams who won at the 2017 Robotics Tournament on Friday February 24th in Fairview.  Rosary RUSH teammates grade 9 student Max Albrecht and grade 8 student Nick Kamieniecki won first place in the sumo competition and the mat cleaning competition.  St. Stephen’s RoBros teammates Riley Voshall and Jayden Badger won silver in the sumo competition.  A total of 19 teams competed in the tournament and HFCRD teams came out on top.

The sumo competition was tournament-style where two robots were placed in the ring, and had to knock the other robot out of the ring or tip it upside down to win the match.  Both teams won four matches to make it to the final.  The final was a competitive and exciting match between the two teams, but Rosary RUSH came out on top.  The mat cleaning competition, also won by the Rosary RUSH required the robots to clear objects off the mat as fast as possible.  The Rosary RUSH’s robot cleared the mat in only 3.12 seconds earning them first place.

“I am so proud of my team who won first place in two categories, said Rosary School Principal Pat Stokes.  “Max and Nick worked very hard to learn robotics and create a robot that would sweep the competition.  These two young men did a fantastic job and I am so proud of this accomplishment.”

Thanks to dedicated staff like Pat Stokes and Kathryn Gauthier, robotics has been offered at Rosary School and St. Stephen’s School as options in the last three years.  As a Career Technology Studies class, robotics has become an integral part of the curriculum for junior high students.  Robotics engages students to challenge themselves with hands-on learning, builds problem solving skills, and grows logical reasoning and thinking skills.  Further, robotics allows students to utilize skills they’ve already learned in science and math.

HFCRD Challenges Students to Pay It Forward for Lent 2017


What would you do to make the world a better place?  That’s the question we are asking students.  To celebrate Lent this year, the Holy Family Catholic Regional Division (HFCRD) is challenging students to Pay It Forward.  The challenge will look differently in each school that accepts the challenge, but the common theme of paying it forward will remain throughout.  

“We are saying to students: Think of an idea to change our world then put it into action.  We want students to have the experience of helping those less fortunate,” said Superintendent Betty Turpin.  “We look forward to seeing how students will participate in this challenge and how they will make a difference in their own way.  We are confident that this challenge will further develop and enhance the Catholic citizenship in HFCRD schools, and we hope students will be inspired to make a difference outside of school as well.”

For example,  Good Shepherd School is using school generated funds collected through their recycling program to give $10 per class and asking students to use the funds to help their school, community or even the world in whatever way they choose.  Students will lead the direction of the challenge, and decide how they will make a difference with the funds provided. 

The challenge is part of the division’s overarching goal to promote Catholic citizenship within HFCRD schools.  Every HFCRD school has implemented unique strategies to attain this goal, and the Pay It Forward challenge is the first division-wide initiative to date.

“Thank you to the Spiritual Formation team in each school for organizing this challenge,” said Faith Permeation Coordinator John Meagher.  “We are very excited to see how this challenge will impact our communities and our world.  We want students to see and feel the satisfaction that comes with giving back to the world.” 

New Modular Classroom Announced for Good Shepherd School

The Holy Family Catholic Regional Division (HFCRD) is pleased to announce that Good Shepherd School will receive a new modular classroom to be in place for the 2017/18 school year.  HFCRD received the news in a letter from the Alberta Government on Monday January 16th.  According to the letter, the request was approved based on Good Shepherd School’s need for student accommodation.

“We are very thankful to the Government of Alberta for providing this new modular classroom for Good Shepherd School,” said HFCRD Board Chair Kelly Whalen.  “The new classroom will allow for more washrooms to be available to students, and will give them increased privacy and accessibility.  This announcement is great news for Good Shepherd School!”

The new modular classroom will be placed at the most northern side of the school attached to the two existing modular classrooms.  The new modular will be used as a regular classroom, and one of the existing Kindergarten classrooms will be converted to provide four additional washroom stalls, including a barrier-free washroom.  Currently, two bathrooms with a total of six stalls serve eight classrooms in the Kindergarten to grade three wing of Good Shepherd School.  The additional washrooms will give students better access to washrooms, and will improve access for students of all abilities and genders.

The ministry will fund 100% of the reasonable costs to deliver and set up the classroom, and 90% of the cost for installation.  HFCRD is currently in the process of submitting all necessary information to the Government of Alberta to ensure the modular classroom will be in place for the 2017/18 school year.

Glenmary School Approved for $750,000 Solar Technology System

Holy Family Catholic Regional Division (HFCRD) is pleased to announce that Glenmary School in Peace River has been selected to receive a Solar Technology System (STS).  The school is one of 36 schools across the province to participate in the Alberta Government’s solar technology initiative for school capital projects which will see the installation of solar panels on Alberta schools.  Part of the Climate Leadership Plan, the STS cost including installation at Glenmary will be fully funded by Alberta Education up to a maximum of $750,000. 

“We are excited to see a $750,000 investment in solar technology at Glenmary School,” said Board Chair Kelly Whalen.  “We strive to be role models for students and to teach them the value of renewable energy.  HFCRD is proud to help protect the environment in any way we can, and this initiative is an excellent way to do just that.”

The announcement came in a letter from Alberta Education received this week, which states that “one of the objectives of this initiative is to gather data on the cost and benefits of incorporating solar technology into school projects.”  To achieve this objective, HFCRD will collect and provide data to Alberta Education on a regular basis.  Some information includes STS scope and costs, energy outcome and savings.

The announcement comes at excellent timing as Glenmary School is currently undergoing a $5.2 million modernization that includes the addition of a CTS lab.  The installation of the solar panels will likely coincide with the current construction in order to reduce disruption to students.  More information about the solar technology initiative is available in the October 26 announcement from Alberta Education.

Know by Heart Video 2 - Celebrating Learning in HFCRD Schools

HFCRD is excited to share and celebrate the learning happening in our classrooms, communities, schools and in connections to the broader world!  The HFCRD Learning Coach team collaborated with HFCRD staff to create this video of the many great things happening in our schools.  This newest video covers the period of time between September and November 2016.  

This video is just a sample of the many varied ways our students are learning--thank you to students and staff for sharing! This video is part of a video series that showcases the innovative learning happening across HFCRD.  The Know by Heart Video 1 - Showcasing Innovating Learning in HFCRD can be found on the HFCRD Youtube Channel here.  

If you are interested in more information regarding any of the activities in the video, please ask any HFCRD Learning Coach. 

Glenmary School Construction Update

The Holy Family Catholic Regional Division (HFCRD) is pleased to provide a construction update for the Glenmary School modernization.   The modernization is going as planned with minor scheduling changes.  HFCRD thanks Jen-Col Construction for their constant communication with our school division and for disrupting classes and exams as little as possible.  


Demolition of Staff Room Underway

Demolition of the staff room is currently underway.  Demolition is nearly complete and the transformation into new science labs will begin in the coming weeks.  Higher noise levels can be expected in the next month from the new science labs.  Thanks to Jen-Col Construction for arranging for the louder work to be completed in the evenings and weekends when possible.  Students and staff continue to be prohibited from entering all construction areas.  

Thank you to Jen-Col Construction for providing photos of the demolition:

Air Quality Assessment

Jen-Col Construction is closely monitoring the air quality in the hallway outside of the current construction.  Many students, staff and community members have asked why the sensors are necessary.  The sensors test the air quality in the hallway every eight hours and ensure that the construction occurring inside the former staff room will not affect the air quality throughout the school.  These sensors are very important and we thank students and staff for not touching them.


New Construction Fencing at Front of School

Fencing has been placed around the front area of the school.  No students or staff are allowed behind the fencing, or allowed to access the left doors at the front entrance.  Behind the fencing, the greenhouse will be demolished very soon and the screw pilings will be installed.  The main entrance of the school will be inaccessible for one weekend.  Anyone visiting the school that weekend will be asked to enter the school through the front doors near the school sign.  The dates of this part of construction will be announced when confirmed.

The demolition of the storage room behind the drama room will begin January 23rd.  After the modernization is complete, that room will be connected to the classroom behind it and will have significant upgrades.