Welcome to the Glenmary School Website

Glenmary is proud to be part of the Alberta High School Redesign Project for the past four years.  Alberta Education initiated High School Redesign projects to implement strategies and approaches aimed at transforming the high school experience for student and teachers through changes to school structure, culture, pedagogy or leadership.  In the past four years our school level project has been focused on refining our school based assessment practices and implementing a senior high French Immersion program that better met the needs of this segment of our student population.

Our work with High School Redesign has been well received by Alberta Education.  For the past two years one of our Division Learning Coaches, Spencer Pinnock, has been asked to present at provincial workshops about the successes of our projects so that other schools in the province can learn about the innovative programs and structures we are developing to meet the needs of all learners.  Spencer is once again presenting at the provincial level this October at an event in Red Deer on how we are using Data to Drive Change at Glenmary and Holy Family Cyber High.

As our project plan moves forward we are looking at ways to expand our senior high programming to support all learners and refine the way many of our programs are delivered to better meet the needs of our high school students.  You can learn more about these initiatives by following the links below.

Glenmary’s High School Redesign Project Plan

Redesigning High School – the Alberta Education website link that summarizes the program and the nine foundational principles.

Moving Forward with High School Redesign – a website created to share resources and concepts around the concept of High School Redesign.