Welcome to the Glenmary School Website

Teaching is a rewarding profession for many reasons.  One of those reasons is that schools have the enviable position of starting over each and every year.  You have a variety of new and old students, a combination of new courses to teach and sometimes even a new building to teach in.  This ability to start over, to begin again is an important lesson for all of us. 


Yesterday is in the past.  What we do today will not change it or make it better.  However, one of the many powers each of us does possess is the ability to make a difference at the start of each day, just like teachers at the start of each new school year.  As our school community welcomes all of you back to this wonderful building bustling with energy, lessons to be learned and activities to take part in, we wish you all a wonderful year.  A year filled with learning skills and engaging in experiences that will continue to allow each and every one of you to grow and maximize the gifts that God has endowed you all with.  


Thank you for choosing Glenmary School and for entrusting our community with the responsibility of educating and caring for your children.  We promise that this year, all one hundred and eighty days, we will work to the best of our ability to meet the needs of all learners in a Catholic community guided by Christ.  Welcome Back!