About Us

Holy Family Catholic Regional Division

The Holy Family Catholic Regional Division (HFCRD) was formed on September 1, 1997 through the regionalization of the former Holy Family Catholic Separate Regional Division No. 17 and the North Peace RCSSD.  HFCRD is comprised of:

- 9 Schools

- 2100 Students

- 174 Certified Staff

- 132 Support Staff

Rosary Kindergarten


of parents strongly agree and agree that teachers care about their child and that their child is safe at school

Glenmary Band


of parents, teachers and students are satisfied with the overall quality of basic education



drop out rate with a return rate of 22.9% as compared to the province with a 3.0% dropout rate and a returning rate of 18.9%

EPS Playground


of teachers and parents agree that students are taught attitudes and behaviours that will make them successful at work when they finish school

STS Woodworking


Christ is our Guide and Teacher.

Faith will be permeated.

The student is first.

Parents/guardians are the child’s primary educators.

Students learn best when the partnership among the home, the church, the school and the community is strong.

All students can learn and experience success through an inclusive environment.

Growth is best achieved in a positive safe and caring learning environment.

Technology is a valuable tool in the learning process.

Regular student attendance increases student success.


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