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St. Andrew’s School Rewards Positive Behavior with PBIS Spirit Day

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On Friday May 1st, St. Andrew’s School staff surprised students with the first ever PBIS Spirit Day.  Principal Marc Lamoureux called all Junior and Senior High students to the large gym for an assembly.  Once there, Mr. Lamoureux announced to students that they were being rewarded for their positive behavior all year and for contributing to the positive school culture with a morning of games and fellowship. 

“The PBIS Spirit Day was an excellent celebration of positive student behavior throughout the year.  Students and staff enjoyed the morning immensely,” said Principal Marc Lamoureux.  “Since the implementation of PBIS coupons, our students and community have displayed even more respectful behavior.  We are so happy to be cultivating a school community of care and respect.”

PBIS, or Positive Behavior Intervention Supports, was first implemented at St. Andrew’s School in September 2012.  Junior and Senior High students caught demonstrating respectful, responsible or caring behavior are given PBIS coupons.  Behaviors considered respectful, responsible or caring are all listed in a matrix created to ensure that positive behaviors are rewarded equally throughout the school.  Students are then recognized at the monthly PBIS assembly for demonstrating positive behaviors, achieving perfect attendance that month, and other awards throughout the year.

When students have accumulated enough PBIS coupons, they can earn rewards individually or with their class.  Some rewards are individual-based like renting an electric fan, gift cards, renting the principal’s chair for a day or a St. Andrew’s clothing credit.  Other rewards are class-based like going bowling, swimming or skating together.  The school has received ample positive feedback from both staff and students.  St. Andrew’s plans to expand the program to include Kindergarten to Grade 12 students in the 2015/16 school year. 

The morning ended with a barbecue for all Junior and Senior High students. St. Andrew’s School thanks Freson Bros for donating the food for the barbecue, and the local RCMP officers for volunteering their time to cook and serve at the barbecue.  To view more photos from the PBIS spirit day, please visit the St. Andrew’s School Facebook page.

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