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St. Andrew’s School Update: RCMP Declare School Safe to Open Tomorrow as Usual

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The Holy Family Catholic Regional Division (HFCRD) is pleased to share that the RCMP has declared St. Andrew’s School safe and that the school will be open as usual tomorrow Tuesday February 13th, 2018.  St. Andrew’s School staff received the call at 4:00pm after all students had safely gone home. 

“I commend all St. Andrew’s School staff for their quick reaction and professional management of this situation,” said Superintendent Betty Turpin.  “I am very pleased that a threat of this kind was handled with great care.” 

The school was evacuated this afternoon after a verbal bomb threat was received.  School administration ordered the evacuation immediately and then promptly contacted the RCMP.  After ensuring all students and staff were safely evacuated, all parents and guardians were notified using the school’s notification system. 

“On behalf of St. Andrew’s, I would like to thank all parents and guardians for their support today as we navigated through this difficult situation.  We understand their frustrations and we assure them that all decisions were made in the best interests of student and staff safety,” said St. Andrew’s School Principal Marc Lamoureux.  “Thank you to our local RCMP officers for their prompt response, and thorough investigation to ensure the building is safe to re-enter.”

For further information, please read the media release from earlier today.

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