2017 Trustee Election

2017 Catholic School Board Trustee Election

Election Information

Election Day is Monday October 16, 2017, the same day as municipal government elections.  Nomination Day will be held four weeks prior to the election on Monday September 18, 2017.  Nomination forms must be submitted in person at the Holy Family Catholic Regional Division Central Office (10307 – 99 St, Peace River, AB) on nomination day between 10:00am – 12:00pm.  All nomination forms must be signed by at least five voters.

Nomination forms can be obtained here:

Ward 1 - High Prairie
Ward 2 - McLennan
Ward 3 - Valleyview
Ward 4 - Electoral Subdivision 3 Peace River/Nampa
Ward 4 - Electoral Subdivision 2 Grimshaw
Ward 4 - Electoral Subdivision 1 Manning/Fort Vermilion

The 2017 Trustee Election Guidebook - Called to the Vocation, created by the Alberta Catholic School Trustees' Association, can be found here.

Running for Trusteeship

The Holy Family Catholic Regional Division encourages its supporters to run for the office of elected school board trustee.  The District is committed to providing an environment that will give all candidates–those seeking election for the first time, and those candidates who are seeking re-election–fair access to the electorate. 


According to the Alberta School Boards Association, there are some basic requirements all candidates must meet.  Candidates must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be a Canadian citizen
  • Have lived in Alberta for at least six consecutive months immediately preceding nomination day, and you live within the boundaries of the jurisdiction in which you wish to run

In order to be eligible to run as a Catholic school trustee, candidates must:

  • Be eligible to vote in the election
  • Be of the Catholic faith


Seven trustees are elected for Holy Family Catholic Regional Division out of four wards (Wards 1  to 4 inclusive, with 4 Subwards in Ward 4) in accordance with s. 26 of the School Act (District Bylaw 2016–01).  The candidate receiving the greatest number of votes in each ward shall be elected as trustee for that ward.  In wards with only one eligible nomination for Trustee, that nominee shall be acclaimed as trustee for that ward. While trustees are elected from wards, they represent all members of the Holy Family Catholic Regional Division electorate.

If you are unsure of which ward you live in, please call the HFCRD Returning Officer at
780-624-3956 for more information about ward boundaries.

Access to Candidates to the Electorate

Access to Candidates to the Electorate is facilitated by the District through the following methods:

  1. Video Interviews
  2. Link on HFCRD websites to campaign information supplied by each candidate
  3. Distribution of pamphlets at schools, central office and parishes

1. Video Interviews

Following Nomination Day, the Holy Family Catholic Regional Division will offer to all candidates the opportunity to submit a video to be posted on the Holy Family Catholic Regional Division YouTube channel, website and Facebook. The link to the webpage where all videos are posted will be shared through social media by HFCRD.  The videos will be accessible at any time during the election campaign by the electorate.

Trustee candidates will be given a list of questions to answer.  They will have a time limit for their video where candidates will be required to make an opening statement and answer a common set of questions. 

These videos are posted online on the Division websites and shared on social media.  Contact information for every candidate will be provided along with the links to individual candidate campaign websites in the event that a constituent wishes to ask further questions of a candidate. 

2. Link on HFCRD websites to campaign information supplied by each candidate.

Links to individual candidate contact information, campaign websites and/or campaign information in PDF format supplied by each candidate.

Holy Family Catholic Regional Division is not responsible for the content or accuracy of any campaign information supplied by each candidate.  If there are any questions or concerns, please contact the candidate directly.

3. Distribution of Pamphlets

Candidates are not permitted to hand out brochures at the school sites. To assist candidates in disseminating their campaign information to school communities following Nomination Day, the District will aide in arranging to have candidate-supplied pamphlets or brochures at all schools in the candidates’ ward at a specific time frame for all candidates. 

School Council Meetings

With respect to campaigning, candidates cannot ask to speak at a school advisory meeting nor can a school council invite an individual candidate to a school advisory council meeting to speak about their candidacy or the ensuing election. 

Incumbents are allowed to continue their work as trustee in relation to school councils; however, discussions relating to the individual trustee's election campaign are prohibited.

Use of District Resources

Candidates are prohibited from using District resources such as the internal mail service or distribution of campaign materials through the District e-mail system, staff, and printing services. Political campaigning of any sort is not compliant with the legislated purpose of school councils.  The use of personal information in support of political activities could result in complaints that personal information was mishandled pursuant to the Personal Information Protection Act.  http://www.qp.alberta.ca/documents/Acts/P06P5.pdf

Incumbents who are seeking re-election are not permitted to use Holy Family Catholic Regional Division resources including email, fax, or mail services for the purposes of campaigning.  

Eligibility of Employees

Section 22(1)(b) of the Local Authorities Election Act states that a person is not eligible to be nominated as a candidate in any election under this Act if on nomination day

(a)   the person is the auditor of the local jurisdiction for which the election is to be held;

(b)   the person is an employee of the local jurisdiction for which the election is to be held unless the person takes a leave of absence under this section;

Further, section 22(5.1) of the Local Authorities Election Act states that an employee referred to in subsection (1.1) who wishes to be nominated as a candidate for election as a trustee of a school board may notify his or her employer on or after July 1 in the year of an election but before the employee's last working day prior to nomination day that the employee is taking a leave of absence without pay under this section.

Campaign Literature Restrictions

Candidates cannot use the Holy Family Catholic Regional Division district or school logos, or anything intended to resemble these logos for signs or any other campaign materials/social media.

Time Commitment

All trustees have part-time roles within HFCRD.  A trustee's workload varies throughout the school year. Trustees are asked to attend sit on the HFCRD committees of their choice, be involved in their local school council, attend school events, and sit on their local community services board.   Meetings and events occur during business and school hours, evenings and on weekends.

For more information:

Holy Family Catholic Regional Division    

10307 – 99 St
Peace River, AB   T8S 1K1
Phone: (780) 624 – 3956
Toll-free: 1-800-285-8712                                                                                                                                 

For more information about trusteeship, please visit the websites of the following two provincial organizations:

The Alberta School Boards Association

The Alberta Catholic School Trustees' Association  

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