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Why do I want to be a trustee?

There is an old saying that has remained deeply embedded within my being:  “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants” (Sir Isaac Newton). Holy Family Catholic Regional Division No. 37 has been this in my life.  It has gifted my family and career with so much good and great people ….  

For my two children, its schools has provided a safe and caring Christ centered environment where all students have an opportunity to learn with the uniqueness and diversity of all students honoured and recognized.   My children were able to grow up in such an environment as they prepared themselves to be motivated life-long learners grounded in the Catholic faith.  This was greatly due to the ‘many giants of the time’ special committed educators, strong family units and deeply rooted parish community. This tradition has continued over the years with our division Catholic schools and now truly motivates me to continue being part of this unique educational journey as a Catholic School Board Trustee with HFCRD #37.

What do I value?

What I value the most is the special relationships made and connections built over a 35 year journey within Holy Family Catholic.  I believe that building positive, life-giving relationships    with ‘all ‘who are involved in educating our children is the KEY to stability, success and hope for the future. I truly believe that all people are gifted with their unique special talents and abilities.  The exciting part of the journey is to find ways to unlock and allow these gifts to flourish …. we as parents, educators, parishioners, educational leaders, community members ... ‘ARE THE GIANTS’ in the lives of our most precious resource … OUR YOUTH!


Why John Kuran for HFCRD trustee?

“As a parent of children in the Catholic School System, I want a trustee who has knowledge and perspective in the education field.  Anyone who knows John can speak not only to his depth of experience in Catholic Education but to his dedication and passion for finding success for every student.”   “John will be the kind of trustee who will not only bring an educational perspective but who will also foster a positive relationship between the board, schools and their families.”        

~ Jacqueline Fortin- Bennis, Good Shepherd School parent

“As a father of two Glenmary High School graduates and a member of previous Glenmary Parent School Councils, I have experienced the strength of John KURAN’s convictions and dedication to strong team building.  John possesses clear thinking and organizational skills which, as a Trustee, will benefit HFCRD’s students, teachers and administrators.

~ Bruce Vogel, Glenmary School former Parent School Council member

“John sees the importance of nurturing faith within the Catholic Schools, and connecting the school, family, and parish together.”“From working with John over the years I know he will do a great job as a trustee because he believes whole heartedly in Christ filled education where students get to not only hear the faith but experience the faith too.” 

~ Jon Courchene, Executive Director, FacetoFace Ministries


“John has a deep understanding of the Catholic school system and will work hard to ensure that staff and student faith formation are a number one priority.   I truly believe John will continue to work for parents, students and staff of Holy Family with the same dedication that he has served Catholic education for so long and well in the Peace Country.”

~ Michael Marien, Professor, Newman Theological College


So what will I commit myself to?

“My vision will be the divisions’ vision” with strong emphasis, support and commitment to the following:

  • advocate for Catholic Education within our community, regionally and provincially.

We as family units, school staffs and educational leaders are challenged daily with controversial life issues that affect the nurturing of our children, their education and their faith.  I would like to be part of the dialogue moving in a positive direction dealing with critical issues of the day, finding ways to be Christ-like in action.


  • support a unique and inviting Catholic learning environment in our schools that links the home, the parish and the community.

I believe there is a lot untapped potential that exists by furthering the relationships between school, parish and the community with the support of the home.   I am a member of Our Lady of Peace Pastoral Parish Council. As well I belong to the Knights of Columbus and Peace Soup Kitchen service organizations.  It would be exciting to see what links could evolve from healthy dialogue between these partnerships!  

As a School Trustee, I will continually seek ways to:

  • encourage parent involvement and choice
  • support personal and academic success for all students
  • foster an inclusive education system
  • nurture strong rapport between staff and parents
  • ensure that Christ is the heart and soul of all our Catholic schools:

I brought this motto into Glenmary School as a first year Principal in 1997 attempting to never veer away from its core message

Christ +

is the reason for our schools.

He is the unseen but ever-present

teacher in our classrooms.

What about me personally … who is John Kuran?

I have lived my entire life in the Peace Country, married to my lovely wife Darlla for thirty-four years; raising two Children: Trevor now a teacher at St. Gregory’s School in Calgary and my daughter Michelle who is an international journalist currently residing in Cairo, Egypt. 

Growing up in the rural setting of Nampa, I attended primary school at St. Charles graduating from Glenmary High School, later convocating from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Education degree.

I began my teaching career at Glenmary School in 1980. After gaining valuable experience as a junior/senior high teacher and school administrator I was promoted to the prinicpalship of Glenmary in 1997, serving 14 years in this role. I truly loved these years working with staff, students, families and the Peace Community, nurturing along the educational journeys of our youth.

In 2011 I became the Faith Formation Coordinator for our Holy Family Catholic Division Schools.  For 31 years I primarily worked at the grade 7-12 level.   Now I had the opportunity to experience K-6 grades and the elementary school environment. This was an awesome opportunity sharing and bringing to life teaching tools with staff, parents and school administrators. This was a great life-learning experience!

Also, I particularly enjoyed our divisions’ Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) where I had an opportunity to work with both elementary and secondary teachers in revising the Religious Studies programming, creating teacher and student friendly ‘Living Documents’ in content and technology applications.  I also had the opportunity to develop student and staff faith-forming experiences working with faith guest speakers to provide a more ‘lively’ experience for the participant!

In 2015 I retired with thirty-five years of service to Holy Family Catholic Schools. 

It will be my pleasure to serve the Peace River/Nampa Ward in the role of an elected Catholic School Trustee.

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